Davie Restaurants Offering Pickup/Delivery/Takeout

I Heart Mac and Cheese
2325 S University Drive
Full Menu Available 11am – 9pm, Su-Thu
11am – 10pm, Fri-Sat
Curbside, UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, Doordash, Mobile App 11am-9pm Su-Thu
11am- 10pm Fri-Sat Mondays – Kids Eat Free with Adult Entree. New specials daily in store and/or with delivery services.

Safer At Home

What does it mean?

The Town of Davie has issued a joint Safer-at-Home Emergency Order in collaboration with every Broward County municipality. This emergency order compliments Broward County Order 20-03 directing a Shelter-in-Place: Safer at Home Policy to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Safer-at-Home means all residents are directed to stay at home as much as possible, except in those circumstances outlined below. Read the entire order.

How long will it last?

This Emergency Order is effective as of 12:01 a.m. on March 28, 2020, and shall remain in full force and effect until terminated.

What you can do?

  • Go to the grocery, convenience or warehouse store
  • Commute to and from work if your employer is an essential business or has ensured you can maintain at least 6 feet from your co-workers or customers
  • Go to the pharmacy or other medical establishments to pick up medications and other healthcare necessities
  • Go to medical appointments (but first, check with your doctor or medical provider)
  • Go to a restaurant for take-out or drive-thru
  • Care for or support a friend or family member in need
  • Take a walk, run, or exercise outside – just remember to practice social distancing — that means at least 6 feet between you and others in the community
  • Walk your pets or take them to the vet

Essential Businesses

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurant delivery and drive-thrus
  • Airlines, taxis and other private transportation providers
  • Gas stations
  • Laundromats
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Businesses engaged in food cultivation, including farming, livestock, and fishing
  • Businesses that provide shelter and social services
  • Hardware and gardening stores
  • Firearm and ammunition supply stores
  • Newspaper, television, radio and other media services
  • Businesses that provide food and shelter
  • Pawn Shop

Essential Services

  • Fire Rescue
  • First Responders
  • Law Enforcement
  • Essential federal employees and military personnel
  • Personnel employed by an entity identified as one of the sixteen critical infrastructure sectors by the Cyber-Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland
  • Security when pursuing work-related functions, or traveling directly to or from work and their respective residents.
  • State and local government employees providing services during this state of emergency
  • School district employees providing services during this state of emergency
  • Medical and health-related personnel
  • Mass transit personnel

If my business isn’t listed as “essential” do I have to close?

Non-essential businesses that are unable to maintain the required physical distancing (6 feet) to keep employees and customers safe, must close. 

Safer at Home

Virtual Recreation Center

Welcome to the Play Davie Virtual Recreation Center (VREC)! 

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 we are all spending more time at home. The Town of Davie has created the Play Davie VREC to provide you with resources while our programs, 

facilities and events are temporarily closed. We want our community to continue to Stay Active, Stay Connected and Stay Informed.

Visit Play Davie VREC often and follow us on Facebook for new updates to keep you and your loved ones healthy, entertained and informed. 

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Email us at sjames@davie-fl.gov

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Water & Distribution System

The Town of Davie Utilities will temporarily change its method of chlorination to using free chlorine in its drinking water system. Free chlorination is a common practice for water systems using combined chlorine disinfection. 

This change in treatment will begin on April 10, 2020 and will end on May 15, 2020.

Some Customers may notice a change in the taste or odor of the tap water during this period. We regret any inconvenience this procedure may cause, please keep in mind that this is part of our ongoing effort to provide safe drinking water. If you have any questions please call Utilities at 954-327-3742.

Business Tax Receipt

Business Tax Receipts is a function of the Planning and Zoning Division. The Town of Davie has multiple types of Business Tax Receipts, consisting of Commercial, Home, and Peddler – Solicitor – Seasonal Sales. 

  • Commercial Business Tax Receipt is for businesses established in a non-residential district, which may consist of restaurants, office space, and retail stores. 
  • Home Business Tax Receipt is for businesses established in a residential district and restricted to telephone, mail, and email businesses. 
  • Peddler/Solicitor/Seasonal Sales Business Tax Receipt is for businesses related to lunch wagons, ice cream trucks etc.

When filling out a Business Tax Receipt application, please be sure to fill in all provided lines and sign where required.

Davie Police News

News from the Davie Police

Find the latest news from the Davie Police Department.

The Davie Police Department is currently in the process of obtaining reaccreditation through the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA). The culmination of this process will take place from April 21, 2020 through April 23, 2020, as our agency will be hosting a team of assessors who will conduct a final assessment of our policies, practices and facilities. The Davie Police Department is required to comply with approximately 250 standards in order to receive accredited status. Many of the standards are critical to life, health and safety issues. Over the course of the assessment, the department’s policies will be reviewed, staff will be interviewed and physical inspections will be made to our facility.

As part of the assessment, agency members and the general public are invited to offer comments to the assessment team. A copy of the CFA standards are available to view online at http://www.flaccreditation.or/standards.htm.

Our Accreditation Manager, Angela Madias, will be facilitating the assessment process for our CFA assessment team. For more information regarding CFA or for persons wishing to offer written comments about the Davie Police Department’s ability to meet the standards of accreditation, please write: CFA, P.O. Box 1489, Tallahassee, Florida 32302, or email to flaccreditation@fdle.state.fl.us.

Through the Davie Police Department’s dedication to excellence, and the assistance of our CFA Program Manager William Walls, we are committed to exceeding the requirements for each CFA standard.

Upon the completion of the CFA assessors’ on-site examination, all findings will be submitted to the CFA to determine if the Davie Police Department has satisfied all requirements to obtain reaccreditation status. Once obtained, accreditation status is valid for a three (3) year period.

Verification by the team that Davie Police Department meets the Commission’s standards is part of a voluntary process to gain or maintain accreditation–a highly prized recognition of law enforcement professional excellence. We wish to thank our residents, business owners and local media for their assistance during this process. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Angela Madias at amadias@davie-fl.gov.

Updated: March 19, 2020

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Short Time Compensation Program for Employees

The Short Time Compensation program helps employers retain their workforce in times of temporary slowdown by encouraging work sharing as an alternative to layoff. This program permits prorated reemployment assistance benefits to employees whose work hours and earnings are reduced as part of a Short Time Compensation plan to avoid total layoff of some employees. Apply here.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The program makes loans of up to $2 million that can provide vital economic support to small businesses and private, non-profit organizations in designated areas of a state or territory to help alleviate economic injury caused by COVID-19. Apply here.

Reemployment Assistance Program

The Reemployment Assistance program provides temporary and partial wage replacement for qualified workers who have become unemployed, through no fault of their own, during this public health emergency. You can apply online for Reemployment Assistance (formerly known as unemployment compensation) if you were working in Florida and are now:

  • Temporarily unable to work due to a positive COVID-19 test result.
  • Quarantined by a medical professional or a government agency.
  • Laid off or sent home without pay for an extended period of time because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Caring for an immediate family member diagnosed with COVID-19.

Learn more about Reemployment Assistance and how to apply here.

The Town of Davie continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click here for a summary of social assistance resources gathered to assist those in need.