Driftwood Park Trail

Driftwood Park trail on map

Driftwood Park Trail Points of Interest

Driftwood Park Trail exists in a more urban setting than some of the Town’s other trails. Some parts exist along curbed sidewalks and some on asphalt pathways. One of the advantages of its more urban nature is that many shopping opportunities exist along this trail as well as access to several of Davie’s Parks.

Driftwood Park is an appropriate starting point. This five-acre park has picnic shelters, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, racquetball, and tennis facilities. The Boys’ and Girls’ Club located adjacent to the Park offers many recreational and educational opportunities to the neighborhood.

Traveling northeasterly along Davie Road Extension and then north along Davie Road, many retail opportunities exist within walking distance of the trail. There are also County bus connections on the Davie Road corridor. Other family and popular sites along this trail are Batten’s Strawberry Farm, Lange Park and its surrounding historic area that includes and old rock church, Davie’s first hotel, the Old Davie School built in 1918, and the Viele House, home to one of Davie’s pioneer families.

Running westerly along Griffin Road you can make a side trip south along SW 76th Avenue to Wolf Lake Park, but take caution for there’s no connecting recreational pathway yet and you must ride on the street. Continuing west on Griffin Road you pass University Drive, the Davie Cooper City Public Library and on to Pine Island Road. You will then turn south along Pine Island Road to Stirling Road and pass the David Posnack’s Jewish Community Center. Then turning east on Stirling Road you’ll pass by the Waldrep Dairy Farm, the last dairy operation in Broward County.

Finally, you’ll wind your way back through a quite neighborhood to your starting point at Driftwood Park.

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