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Town of Davie Web Server Goes Dark

Davie Town Council (*click* photo)
Davie Town Council

When the Town of Davie web site goes off line, the next best thing is Davie.ORG. In fact the OFFICIAL Town of Davie web site (Davie-fl.gov) went dark this weekend, and I was left to field inquiries. Here are the top ten reasons for the outage; and my guess at the probable official response:

TOP TEN reasons why Town of Davie Web server went dark…


10 Comet, Asteroid, Solar Flare, and/or other cosmic event Not reported by NASA or any major astrological group.
9 Did not pay the light bill. Possible. But unlikely. The Town shows no signs of restraint in spending taxpayers’ money.
8 Paranormal activity Possible, but not likely. No Town Hall hauntings in recent years.
7 Horse, cow, or bull kicked the server Possible. The rodeo grounds are adjacent to Town Hall. But none of the aforesaid cattle has a motive. They are treated better in Davie than any other Southeast Florida venue.
6 Lightning No recent thunderstorms.
5 “Act of God” Would violate “separation of church and state”
4 Disgruntled politician Lack technical expertise.
3 Disgruntled employee/saboteur. Possible, but most Town employees with ability, opportunity and motive would not do this. (See #4).
2 Delayed reaction to “Y2K Bug” Most technology in government is at least a dozen years behind times. However most software bugs should show up a decade BEFORE everywhere else.
1 Raising the tax rate this year jinxed the Town and it’s web server. This is the most likely source of the problem. Raising taxes during a recession isn’t going to bring good luck.

Town of Davie Web Server goes dark
Town of Davie Web Server goes dark