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Deadline for Voter Registration — July 26, 2010

FLORIDA VOTERS: In order to vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday, August 24, 2010, you must be registered by Monday, July 26, 2010. Hopefully, you are registered, but you may know people who are not (friends new to the area, new neighbors, friends who have never voted before or who have not voted in many years). Please share this with them NOW. This is also the time to change your address if you have moved since the last election and/or to change your party affiliation. Name changes (marriage, divorce, etc.) can also be done now.

This is a primary election, but judges and school board members will be elected that day. ALL voters can vote for the school board and judicial candidates, although those with no party affiliation cannot vote for Governor, U.S. Congress, State House and others in the primary election. It is vitally important that everyone VOTE on August 24.

There is a voter registration form attached, which also serves as a switch and change of name/address form. Or get it here:

Broward County: http://www.browardsoe.org/VoterRegistration.aspx

Broward County Supervisor of Elections
115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 102
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Palm Beach County: https://www.pbcelections.org/VoterRegistration.aspx

Those in other counties can contact your local Supervisor of Elections.

Start studying the ballot now (you can see all the races online); there are lots of races and referendums! Also, don’t forget to get an absentee ballot for those who need one. This is a VERY IMPORTANT election!!