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Davie, Broward Co., Florida is a town of about 100,000 residents, located in southeast Florida.

Davie Town Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

davielogonHere are a few items of Interest on Davie’s April 15, 2009 Town Council Agenda.  My comments are in red:

8.1 Community Chest.  Establishing  a “Community Chest” is the first step in eliminating local grants for Davie charities.  Some current Town Council Members have in the past stated that Davie should not be in the business of providing money to charities.  A frequent sub-theme was that it is somehow illegal or immoral for government to assist faith based ministries in doing charitable work.  Faith based ministries do much of the heavy lifting in assisting the poor and elderly in our community.  Eliminating community funding for them would be a tremendous blow to the less fortunate residents of Davie.  During the past 10 years, in which I was involved with the Davie Town Council, local grants were funded from non-taxpayer sources.  The funds were always given to charities which served truly needy residents.  This idea to create a community chest was dropped a couple of years ago because of the realization that it would not save any taxpayer money UNLESS FUNDS TO CHARITIES ARE CUT.  Local government ends up funding a “community chest.” The people in charge of the community chest are not accountable to the voters.
4.7 National Day of Prayer (May 7, 2009).  Requested by Davie’s National Day of Prayer Committee.
4.9 MISSION STATEMENT – A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF DAVIE, FLORIDA, ADOPTING LANGUAGE FOR THE TOWN OF DAVIE’S VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT WHICH REPRESENTS THE TOWN’S PURPOSE, CORE VALUES, AND STRATEGIC PRIORITIES; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE.  (tabled from April 1, 2009). The bad news is that the new Mission Statement deletes reference to Davie being “family-oriented.”  The new Mission Statement is also longer and more difficult to understand.  I hope we didn’t pay by the word.
Davie, a family-oriented and diverse community that retains its hometown feeling, offers customer friendly services to its residents and is a unique jewel in central Broward County, that treasures its environment, rural and equestrian lifestyle, while attracting, encouraging and retaining viable economic and educational opportunities.

The Town of Davie strives to be the preeminent community in South Florida to live, work, learn, and play while treasuring our preserved natural settings.
To provide leadership and excellent, customer-driven services to our diverse community with integrity and respect.
1. Customer Driven
2. Respect
3. Integrity
4. Excellence
5. Leadership
1. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
2. Dedication to Excellence in Service Delivery
3. Respecting and Promoting Diverse and Sustainable Community and Neighborhood Values with
consideration of our historic roots
4. Creating an Environment that is Conducive to Innovation, Creativity, and Collaboration
5. Nurturing the health, safety, and welfare of the community

Annual Waterway Cleanup Set for April 18th

EVENT: 13TH Annual Waterway Clean-Up
DATE: Saturday, April 18, 2009
TIME: 8:00am – 11:30am
PLACE: Davie Town Hall (6591 Orange Dr, Davie)
CONTACT: Bonnie Stafiej
PHONE: (954) 797-1166

The Town of Davie and the Central Broward Water Control District welcome you to participate in the 13th Annual WATERWAY CLEAN-UP, a public awareness campaign to keep our waterways clean. This event will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2009, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. along the C-11 Canal, between State Road 7 and Flamingo Road in Davie.

What started as a group of volunteers gathering on a Saturday every year has grown into a major event involving hundreds of volunteers. Last year’s WATERWAY CLEAN-UP campaign pulled 2 tons of trash from our waterways.

We are looking for groups, families, or individual residents to help clean and pickup trash from the canal banks. We are also looking for residents with small boats to clean the canal waters. Whether you are a nonprofit group or a local family, own a boat or not, you can play a role in helping us clean Davie’s waterway.

In return for your efforts, you will receive a free Waterway Hat and a ticket for admittance to the festive party called “TRASH SPLASH.”

This year’s “TRASH SPLASH” will be held at Pine Island Park Pool, located at 3800 SW 92 Avenue, Davie. There will be free hot dogs and other refreshments. There will be a GREAT D.J. spinning tunes all afternoon. The party will start at 11:30 a.m. on the same Saturday. Everyone who cleans is invited to attend!

To participate, you must pre-register by contacting Bonnie Stafiej, Town of Davie, Special Projects Director, at (954) 797-1163 no later than April 15, 2009, or click here for an application.

For information, call our hot line at 954-797-1166.

Parts of Orange Drive to be Closed for Five Weeks

The Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) contractor will be closing Orange Drive at the 14500 block west of Boyscout Road. FDOT’s contractor will be making connection with the new bridge and Orange Drive. The closure is scheduled for Monday, April, 20th 2009 and will remain closed for five (5) weeks. The detour route will utilize Griffin Road, Westin Road and SW 36th Street.

Davie Bike Rally

My family has been in the bike rally for years. In fact, in the beginning, our youngest daughter rode in a seat on the back of my bike. Davie has some of the nicest recreational trails in South Florida. The bike rally is a great time to get acquainted with them.

As predicted in the Farmer’s Almanac, the weather held up — although it looked like rain for a while.

Bulletpoint News 7.1: Pay, Changes, Bike Ralley, Etc.


Tom Truex Bulletpoint News # 7.1
FROM: Tom Truex
DATE: April 1, 2009
SUBJECT: Pay, changes, bike rally, etc.

7.1.1   How Many Town of Davie Employees Earn More than $100k per year?
7.1.2   Bike Rally on April 4th
7.1.3   Subtle Changes
7.1.4   Email List Still in Transition

7.1.1  How Many Town of Davie Employees Earn More than $100k per year?

In the Town of Davie, 83 employees earned more than $100,000 per year in 2008.   See the list at (I removed the names of employees, but if you have an inquiring mind, you can do a public records request from the Town Clerk’s office to get the complete list, with names.)
2008 pay chart
Male female pay charge

True, there are some anomalies caused by cashing in accrued benefits and the like at termination or retirement.  But also consider that the Town’s significant contributions in the form of other benefits are NOT included in these totals.  

The pie chart at left shows the percentage of employees earning $100,000 or more per year:  Police Department (blue, 43%),  Fire Department (red, 41%),  and Administration or department heads (yellow, 16%).  The chart at right shows that 93% of these employees are male, and 7% are female.

7.1.2  Bike Rally on April 4th

Davie’s Family Bike Rally and Bike Safety Day is this Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 9:00 AM at Robbins Open Space Park, 4005 Hiatus Road, Davie.  There will be a FREE Bike Safety Rodeo from 8:00am to 9:00am and from Noon to 1:00pm.  The
pre-registration is $2.00 per rider and the walk-up fee is $3.00 per rider and includes water, fruit, route map, safety rules, and a cycle inspection.

7.1.3  Subtle Changes

Several cities in South Florida have feuded in recent years over invocations at government meetings.  Davie Town Council meetings haven’t been preceded by an invocation in years.  There was one exception.  At the swearing in ceremony for the Mayor and Town Council, the individual being sworn in
generally designated a member of the clergy to offer an invocation.  There was no invocation at the swearing in ceremony of Mayor Judy Paul, and Councilman Brian Caletka.

7.1.4  Email List Still in Transition

This is the last newsletter being sent from my re-election campaign email list.  I have a new email database set up which will handle distribution in the future.


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Map for April 4th Bike Rally.

It’s not too late to register for the Davie Bike Rally, this Saturday, April 4, 2009. Here’s the official map of the route. Actually, you can register on the morning of the rally for $3 per person, rather than the discounted amount of $2 for pre-registration.

This is a rally, not a a race. It’s intended for families as well as residents of all ages. Fancy biking clothing and other gear is not required. Dress comfortably for a leisurely ride. Helmets are required for kids, according to state law. Helmets are highly encouraged for adults.

Family Bike Rally and Bike Safety Day

Family Bike Rally and Bike Safety Day
Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 9:00 AM
Robbins Open Space Park, 4005 Hiatus Road, Davie

Please join us for our Family Bike Rally and Bike Safety Day!

Check in will begin at 7:30am and the rally begins at 9:00am.  We will leave as a group;  please wait for the start signal.  It begins and ends at Robbins Open Space Park(4005 Hiatus Road).  The distance is approximately 10 to 12 miles.

Bike Safety Rodeo:  There will be a FREE Bike Safety Rodeo from 8:00am to 9:00am and from Noon to 1:00pm.

The pre-registration is $2.00 per rider and the walk-up fee is $3.00 per rider and includes:  water, fruit, route map, safety rules, and a cycle inspection.

This event will take place rain or shine.