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Town of Davie Government

Debate for one of Davie’s Congressional Districts (20th)

Davie Residents,
THURSDAY, AUG. 5th at 7 pm
Congressional 20 Republican Candidates Debate!

20 Congressional Distric
click graphic for larger map of 20th Congressional District

This Congressional District represents the majority of Western Davie.

Republican Club of Greater Hollywood
Southwest Broward Republican Organization
Davie Cooper City Republican Club

Who will you vote for on August 24th to face off against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?


(listed alphabetically)

Hollywood Beach Cultural and Community Center
1301 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019
(on A1A/Ocean Drive between Hollywood Blvd and Hallandale Bch Blvd)

Come hear all the Republican candidates in their final debate before early voting begins.

The questions will be submitted in a box on the night of the debate and then drawn at random. The random question will then be asked to one of the candidates on a rotating basis…that candidate will have two minutes to answer…with each other candidate having a one minute “rebuttal” period in which they can provide their own input.

There will also be opening and closing statements.

Possible appearances by statewide and other local candidates and officeholders…TBA

See you there!

This event will take the place of The Republican Club of Greater Hollywood’s regular monthly meeting for August.

Meeting for West Davie Fire Station: May 24, 2010

Town of Davie Fire Chief Joseph Montopoli will host a public meeting to discuss the location of the new Fire Station in District 4 (West Davie). The meeting will be held on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 6:30 p.m., at the Western High School Auditorium, 1200 S.W. 136th Avenue. Everyone is invited to attend, and your comments are welcome.

The new fire station, designated Fire Station 86, will help Davie Fire Rescue provide better service and improved response times. If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Grace Hall at 954-797-1004. Town Councilmembers may be present.

Open Meeting with Davie Town Administrator, Gary Shimun


Second Community Meeting with Davie Town Administrator Scheduled

Gary Shimun
Gary Shimun
April 19, 2010, Davie, Florida: The next Community Meeting hosted by Town of Davie Administrator Gary Shimun is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11, 2010 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Old Davie School located at 6650 Griffin Road in District 2. All Davie residents and business owners are invited to attend and talk to the Town Administrator. This is the second in a series of four meetings each with a different venue in order to ensure that one is held in each district. The purpose of these community meetings is to have a dialog of sharing between the Town Administrator (The Town’s CEO who is responsible for the day to day operations) and the residents and the business owners of Davie. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Town accomplishments
  • budget and finance
  • services: such as code compliance, public safety, permitting, parks & recreation, public works, and housing
  • communications
  • economic development
  • citizen concerns

The meetings will be held in an open forum format so that residents and business owners can have their voices heard. Mr. Shimun would like to hear both the good and the bad. Concerns, recommendations, suggestions, commendations, and potential solutions are welcomed. Similarly, he would like to share with residents some crucial issues facing the Town, and he would like to learn firsthand how residents and business owners feel about the issues. Mr. Shimun would like to thank the Mayor and the Town Council for their suggestions and support in this endeavor.

This is a great way for you to participate in our American democracy. If you have questions, contact the Town at 954-797-1027.

Members of Town Council may be present.

Marco Rubio Meets with Citizens in Davie

Marco Rubio, former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives was in Davie yesterday, speaking to a group of concerned citizens. I have heard a lot of public speakers. He is one of the the best. He is also definitely a conservative. No doubt about that. He points out that our country is not “spending” money on the various Federal “stimulus” packages–rather we are BORROWING money. Incurring so much federal debt will be a huge problem in years to come. He made an important point that for the first time in the history of America, we are on the verge of giving our children a country in worse shape than when we got it.

Town of Davie’s Online Resources for Foreclosure

Davie Town Hall
Davie Town Hall
The Town of Davie recently issued a press release about it’s online resources relating to foreclosure. The information appears general in nature, and many people facing foreclosure would find it helpful. My personal suggestion would be to read the material–but don’t use it as a substitute for consulting with a competent attorney. Foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies, and related areas of the law are complex, and have many opportunities for the layman or do-it-yourselfer to do more damage than good. The text of Davie’s press release follows.

Davie Foreclosure Assistance Website
Davie, Florida, June 5, 2009: The Housing and Community Development Department has launched a Foreclosure Prevention webpage and resource guide in an effort to assist Davie residents understand the current national epidemic and to provide access to helpful resources to prevent and combat foreclosures in our Town.

“This is a great resource for our community. It provides meaningful information that assists residents in their efforts during these difficult times,” stated Town Administrator Gary Shimun.

Residents can access the webpages at:
Foreclosure Prevention Page

Foreclosure Resource Guide

For more information, call 954-797-1173.

Davie Town Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

davielogonHere are a few items of Interest on Davie’s April 15, 2009 Town Council Agenda.  My comments are in red:

8.1 Community Chest.  Establishing  a “Community Chest” is the first step in eliminating local grants for Davie charities.  Some current Town Council Members have in the past stated that Davie should not be in the business of providing money to charities.  A frequent sub-theme was that it is somehow illegal or immoral for government to assist faith based ministries in doing charitable work.  Faith based ministries do much of the heavy lifting in assisting the poor and elderly in our community.  Eliminating community funding for them would be a tremendous blow to the less fortunate residents of Davie.  During the past 10 years, in which I was involved with the Davie Town Council, local grants were funded from non-taxpayer sources.  The funds were always given to charities which served truly needy residents.  This idea to create a community chest was dropped a couple of years ago because of the realization that it would not save any taxpayer money UNLESS FUNDS TO CHARITIES ARE CUT.  Local government ends up funding a “community chest.” The people in charge of the community chest are not accountable to the voters.
4.7 National Day of Prayer (May 7, 2009).  Requested by Davie’s National Day of Prayer Committee.
4.9 MISSION STATEMENT – A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF DAVIE, FLORIDA, ADOPTING LANGUAGE FOR THE TOWN OF DAVIE’S VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT WHICH REPRESENTS THE TOWN’S PURPOSE, CORE VALUES, AND STRATEGIC PRIORITIES; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE.  (tabled from April 1, 2009). The bad news is that the new Mission Statement deletes reference to Davie being “family-oriented.”  The new Mission Statement is also longer and more difficult to understand.  I hope we didn’t pay by the word.
Davie, a family-oriented and diverse community that retains its hometown feeling, offers customer friendly services to its residents and is a unique jewel in central Broward County, that treasures its environment, rural and equestrian lifestyle, while attracting, encouraging and retaining viable economic and educational opportunities.

The Town of Davie strives to be the preeminent community in South Florida to live, work, learn, and play while treasuring our preserved natural settings.
To provide leadership and excellent, customer-driven services to our diverse community with integrity and respect.
1. Customer Driven
2. Respect
3. Integrity
4. Excellence
5. Leadership
1. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
2. Dedication to Excellence in Service Delivery
3. Respecting and Promoting Diverse and Sustainable Community and Neighborhood Values with
consideration of our historic roots
4. Creating an Environment that is Conducive to Innovation, Creativity, and Collaboration
5. Nurturing the health, safety, and welfare of the community