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Davie Moves Closer to Being a Police State (Town)

big_BrotherAs of January 5, 2013, red light traffic surveillance cameras will become operational at the below designated intersections. A 30-day warning period will commence for red light violations captured by the surveillance cameras at these intersections. During this warning period, a warning notice will be issued to the vehicle’s registered owner and there will be no fine. At the completion of the warning period, Notice of Violations will be issued which will result in a fine for any red light running violation.

  •  Eastbound SR 848/Stirling Rd at Davie Rd Ext/Davie Rd.
  • Westbound SR 848/Stirling Rd at Davie Rd Ext/Davie Rd

Cameras will operate 24-hours a day and capture images of every vehicle running a red light at these and other intersections throughout the Town. Warning signs alerting drivers to the red-light  surveillanc cameras have been installed prior to the warning period.

Town officials typically designate these devices as “safety” cameras.  Don’t be fooled.  The cameras are mostly about raising money for the Town.  Our privacy suffers as we let the government steal our privacy one bit at a time.  As surveillance cameras gain in popularity, they will seem more “normal.”  One day in the not too distant future we will all wake up and realize that we are literally under state / police surveillance at all times.  I haven’t heard any argument yet (usually involving safety or preventing crime) being used for installation of traffic light cameras that could not be used to justify 24-7-365 surveillance everywhere we go.  Even in the privacy of your own home.  Am I saying you should be afraid?  Yes.

Town of Davie Web Server Goes Dark

Davie Town Council (*click* photo)
Davie Town Council

When the Town of Davie web site goes off line, the next best thing is Davie.ORG. In fact the OFFICIAL Town of Davie web site ( went dark this weekend, and I was left to field inquiries. Here are the top ten reasons for the outage; and my guess at the probable official response:

TOP TEN reasons why Town of Davie Web server went dark…


10 Comet, Asteroid, Solar Flare, and/or other cosmic event Not reported by NASA or any major astrological group.
9 Did not pay the light bill. Possible. But unlikely. The Town shows no signs of restraint in spending taxpayers’ money.
8 Paranormal activity Possible, but not likely. No Town Hall hauntings in recent years.
7 Horse, cow, or bull kicked the server Possible. The rodeo grounds are adjacent to Town Hall. But none of the aforesaid cattle has a motive. They are treated better in Davie than any other Southeast Florida venue.
6 Lightning No recent thunderstorms.
5 “Act of God” Would violate “separation of church and state”
4 Disgruntled politician Lack technical expertise.
3 Disgruntled employee/saboteur. Possible, but most Town employees with ability, opportunity and motive would not do this. (See #4).
2 Delayed reaction to “Y2K Bug” Most technology in government is at least a dozen years behind times. However most software bugs should show up a decade BEFORE everywhere else.
1 Raising the tax rate this year jinxed the Town and it’s web server. This is the most likely source of the problem. Raising taxes during a recession isn’t going to bring good luck.

Town of Davie Web Server goes dark
Town of Davie Web Server goes dark